Do Tuan Anh, ‘Tree of Life’ #art #vietnam


So glamorous.  So present.  The grandmother of pug performance art.

Artist attempts to create most frustrating products imaginable - Imgur


Getting some henna done! #samderekwedding

I can’t wait to add my own sketches and meet more artists! Sketch by #lorenzomattotti #lv #vietnam #travelbook

Sketches by #lorenzomattotti #vietnam #backpacking #lv

Getting ready for my trip to #Vietnam!! #lv #travelbook

Sunia Gibbs Catalog
Though a formally trained musician, she often finds herself wandering into other creative disciplines. A self-taught artist, she began her career using only two tools: a palette knife and a large brush. Up close, her eye is guided across the epic surface of muted colors, revealing the seamless transitions of pigment that traverse from one textural interlude to the next, punctuated by brilliant blues, warm yellows, and dramatic reds. The palette knife then adds and subtracts layers of paint to reveal a myriad colors emitting a radiant glow. For more information about Sunia Gibbs work, please contact Elaine.

It Turns Out Your Brain Might Be Wired To Enjoy Art, So You Have No Excuses

Frida & Chavela


Summer reading: This (quite entertaining) book imagines an art world without Damien Hirst

Alyson Shotz ‘Mirror Fence’

Mr Brainwash Throws Random Paint on a Mercedes GLA: Art?

When art meets fashion. Check out works by Sunia Gibbs