It Turns Out Your Brain Might Be Wired To Enjoy Art, So You Have No Excuses

Frida & Chavela


Summer reading: This (quite entertaining) book imagines an art world without Damien Hirst

Alyson Shotz ‘Mirror Fence’

Mr Brainwash Throws Random Paint on a Mercedes GLA: Art?

When art meets fashion. Check out works by Sunia Gibbs 

Cath Riley Pencil Drawing

Sunia Gibbs Catalog
Though a formally trained musician, she often finds herself wandering into other creative disciplines. A self-taught artist, she began her career using only two tools: a palette knife and a large brush. Up close, her eye is guided across the epic surface of muted colors, revealing the seamless transitions of pigment that traverse from one textural interlude to the next, punctuated by brilliant blues, warm yellows, and dramatic reds. The palette knife then adds and subtracts layers of paint to reveal a myriad colors emitting a radiant glow. For more information about Sunia Gibbs work, please contact Elaine.


“I’ve never dyed my hair,” Jessica Chastain says.

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, August 2014.

Chastain, Julianne Moore, Domhnall Gleeson, Amy Adams, Karen Elson, Madison Stubbington, Florence Welch, and Shaun White—these are today’s fire starters.


Appreciating Architecture with @yukomouton

For more of Yuko’s collection of architecture, follow @yukomouton on Instagram.

“I can’t quite describe my fascination with architecture in words, but I think I am intrigued by the idea of creating space,” says Tokyo Instagrammer Yuko Kawauchi (@yukomouton). While architectural photography is mainly a personal interest for Yuko, it also becomes a source of inspiration for her work as a fashion designer. “Geometric shapes found in buildings,” she explains, “do shine through in my pattern sketches and cuttings.”

Yuko’s initial appreciation for architecture developed after she went to an old building to take photos for Instagram. “I had thought that architecture and fashion were two completely different fields until then, but they actually do share certain terminologies and that got me further interested.”

Now, Yuko’s Instagram photos have become a collection of uniquely shaped structures found all over Tokyo—as well as from other cities around the world—including museums, churches, libraries and apartment buildings. “I don’t consider my photos to be a work of art,” she says. “I share these photos hoping to inform people about these locations and spark their curiosity about visiting them.”

Espace LV Tokyo - “Geometry of Light by artist Alyson Shotz” - Making Of


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